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Video Packages from $169.00 - Aerial Photo Stills from $119.00

Interior Photo or Video Tours Available 

Neighborhood Program Starting at $395.00

Global Aerial Video

Real Estate Product/Services Programs and Pricing

Effective August 1, 2016


Base Real Estate Video Package (single property location) -  $159.00

  • 60 Second Aerial Video Tour

  • Two Versions (Branded/Non Branded)

  • Music Overlay

  • Agent Credits

  • 8 Aerial Still Photos

  • One location shoot (we will attempt to get area highlights that can be seen from the residence address

  • One Video Revision

  • 72 Hour Production Turnaround time or the service is free (timing starts upon receipt of all agent information and material)

  • Base Video Package Options (additional fees will be invoiced)

    • Insertion of interior pictures                      $10.00 per picture

    • Insertion of Market Comments                  $5.00 per statement comment

    • Additional revisions                                   $40.00 per hour

    • Additional location inclusion                     $49.00

    • Production/Editing                                    $50.00 per hour

Base Real Estate Photo Package (single property location) - $119.00  

  • 18 High Resolution Edited Aerial Photographs of the Property

  • Agent Branding on pictures

  • 24 Hour Turnaround Time


Real Estate Service Options & Pricing

Matterport 3D/360VR Program – this program is priced based upon the actual square footage of the location including basement and all covered areas

Priced at $299.00 up to 2,500 square feet and $.08 per additional square foot beyond 2,500

Interior Video Package – this program includes a video walk through of the home (single location) and is based upon the actual square footage of the home

Priced at $159.00 up to 2,500 square feet and $.05 additional per square foot beyond 2,500



Interior Picture Package – this package includes the production of a virtual tour format and is presented ion two package formats

  • Home up to 3,000 square feet priced at $140.00 for 24 High Resolution Pictures and Virtual Tour Link

  • Homes from 3,000 to 6,000 square feet at $175.00 for 36 High Resolution pictures and Virtual Tour Link

  • Homes above 6,000 square feet are priced upon quote request and service requirements


Digital Marketing Support - priced at $35.00 per hour

  • Assistance with video placement (social media and industry sites)

  • Assistance with personal video channel creation

  • Meta Tagging Photos/Video and URL creation

  • General Application Assistance


Real Estate Custom Programs/Packages

Platinum Turn Key Marketing Program (homes up to 4,000 square feet)

  1. Aerial Video Tour

  2. Interior Video Tour (incorporated within Aerial Video presentation)

  3. 8 Aerial Still Photos

  4. Interior Photo Package (36 High Resolution Photos and Tour Link)

  5. Matterport 3D Tour

  6. Custom Landing Page (on line page created and hosted for Realtor)

  7. Neighborhood Presentation

  8. Additional fee of $.15 per square foot beyond 5,000

Priced at              =            $999.00

Neighborhood & Community Package

  1. Presentation of local parks, schools, shopping, and recreation/entertainment facilities within a specific neighborhood

  2. Includes up to 6 location shoots

  3. Clips edited for application in video production

  4. 30 Second Promotional Neighborhood Tour Video

  5. Agent Branded

Priced at              =             $499.00

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