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The ReMax Suburban Aerial Presentation Video Includes:


  • 90 Second Promotional Video

    • Single Location Shoot  

  • Branded and Non Branded Versions

    • Allows MLS EMRED Positioning 

  • Professional Editing -

    • One Revision 

  • 6 Aerial Photos 

    • Edited to meet your marketing needs 

  • 48 Hour Turnaround

    • Based upon location shoot date 

  • Incorporation of Interior Photos

    • As provided by the agent 

  • SEO/Digital Marketing Assistance

    • Optimize Location Settings

    • Social Media Assistance 

  • Integrated Marketing Statements

    • Provided by the Agent  

Optional Services 

Global Aerial Video Inc. Optional Real Estate Services:


  • Interior 360 Virtual Reality Presentation

    • Virtual Reality Tour of the Property  

  • Interior Video Sweep

    • Osmo Video Presentation 

  • Agent E-Card Program 

    • Agent Intro Video 

  • Neighborhood Survey Program

    • Highlight Targeted Neighborhoods and Assets  

  • Interior Still Photo Package 

    • High Resolution Photography 

Special Price Program 

Global Aerial Video Inc. is proud to be working with your ReMax Suburban office and would like to extend the following price breaks as part of this association:


Aerial Video Tour Package                                               $179.00 per location

($249.00 Regular Price) 


Introductory Four Pack Program                                      $500.00 Pre Paid

(Offer Valid for Two Weeks)


Neighborhood Premier Package                                     $349.00


360 Virtual Tour Interior                                                    $299.00 

(Home size of 3,000 Sq. Ft. or Less)


Interior Still Photo Package                                              $149.00

(28 Still Photos) 


Osmo Video Package                                                      $139.00

(Up to 3,000 Sq. Ft.) 




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