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GAV Auto Dealership Program


With over 80% of all auto dealer customers originating from an on-line presentation it only makes sense to make sure that your Internet image is equal to the quality of your facility. Aerial Video of your building, inventory, service facilities, and overall grounds keeps the customer engaged in a way that still photos and cheap photo stitching will not. Our comprehensive Aerial Video program for Auto Dealerships incorporates Organic and Paid Search aspects that will grow your customer base and consumer interest. 


Our Program Includes:

  • Three Minute Promotional video for dealership and cinsumer presentation

  • 90 Second Promoitional Video for Social Media positioning

  • 30 Second Commercial Video

  • Retained ownership of all Raw Video and Still Photos

  • Professional Editing

  • Complete Survey of your Inventory 

  • The ability to incorporate Still Photos

  • Interior and Service area Video Option

  • Market Tag Insertion

  • Video Loop for on site presentation

  • Music

  • Voice Over Option

  • 24 Still Aerial Photos Edited

  • Seasonal Video Option 

  • Monthly Inventory Option 


You will not find a better and more engaging way to present your dealership on-line!

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